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Language Good Morning
English "Good Morning"
French "Bonjour"
German "Guten Morgen"
Italian "Buongiorno"
Spanish "Buenos Días"
Dutch "Goedemorgen"
Portuguese "Bom Dia"
Japanese "お早うございます"/"おはようございます" (Ohayō Gozaimasu)
Chinese "早安" ("Zǎoān") (Mandarin)/"早晨" ("Jóusàhn") (Cantonese)
Russian "Доброе Утро" ("Dobroe Utro")
Swedish "God Morgon"
Danish "God Morgen"
Norwegian "God Morgen"
Finnish "Hyvää Huomenta"
Arabic "صباح الخير" ("Ṣabāḥul Kẖayr")
Hebrew "בוקר טוב" ("Boker Tov")
Turkish "Günaydın"
Korean "안녕하십니까" ("Annyeong Hashimnikka")
Greek "Καλημέρα" ("Kaliméra")
Hindi "नमस्ते" ("Namaste")
Indonesian "Selamat Pagi" (early morning)/"Selamat Siang" (late morning)
Polish "Dzień dobry"
Persian "صبح بخير" ("Sobh Bekheir")
Thai "สวัสดีครับ" ("Sà-wàt-dee Kráp") (male)/"สวัสดีค่ะ" ("Sà-wàt-dee Kâ") (female)
Afrikaans "Goeiemôre"
Malay "Selamat Pagi"
Tagalog "Magandang Umaga Po" (formal)/Magandang Umaga (informal)
Irish "Dia Dhuit ar Maidin" (singular)/"Dia Dhaoibh ar Maidin" (plural)/"Maidin Mhaith"

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